Are your walls bare because you can’t decide what art to hang on them?

Need help with rearranging, redecorating or just sprucing up a room? 

Your kitchen and pantry so cluttered it takes you twice as long to cook a meal?

No room in the garage to park the car?

Well, you’re in luck!  We can help to make your life beautiful and less stressful! 

Let us CREATE, ORGANIZE, CLEAN, DECORATE, DOWNSIZE, MOVE, PAINT and SHOP for you! Click here for more details.  Prepare to be amazed! 



You will be saying what our valued customers have said:

“Connie Pruitt Art and Creative Spaces was amazing! They organized my pantry so I can find my baking supplies in an instant. Now it easy to see what I have and what I need to add to my grocery list. Even the spices were alphabetized! ” Jennifer P.

“Connie Pruitt Art and Creative Spaces was great in rearranging and decorating my living room so it was functional for us and inviting for our guests. I hate to shop so she picked up everything that resonated with my style.  Now the space looks incredible.”  Molly S.

“I love the colorful, whimsical art Connie creates.  I purchased one of her large works of art for my business and ended up commissioning her for 3 more.  They make the space vibrant and happy.”